Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kalau nak ke NZ

What you should do when in New Zealand?

Yes, this is the best part.... stroll around this land of scenery and sheep's. What you should do..

1.Get the I Site , the most important place to get advice and cheap expenses to go around NZ.
- if you landed in Auckland... stay 2 days there and roam in Auckland, then continue to Roturua, not that fare around 3 hours ride from Auckland. Take a bus or rent a car if possible. In Roturua stay in Backpackers, it's cheap and clean an secured. It cost only NZ 22-25 pernight. Don't miss the Moari Culture Show, Sheep Shearing at Agrodome and Rainbow Spring (altenatives). Duck Tour is even interesting because we'll experience tour on land and lake. Roam around Roturoa Lake and the government Garden. The scenery, termandous beatiful and romantic.
3.Then continue you way to southern to Wellington and you'll come across Lake Taupo, beautiful lake. On the way you'll come across a volcanic dessert of Mount Ruaphehu. The Journey take s 8 hours but I can promise it's not a boring journey . The bus will stop for a while in some spot to pick up and down load passengers. Our lunch will be at Flat Hill and the most delicous scone and vegetables soup.
4.Next, here come Wellington Harbour with unpredcitable weather. Some may say it's windy city and the people here well “got class ma”. Where to go around Wellington, a lot the harbaour, Te Papa Museum, riding the tramp to Botanical Garden. Or if such an adventurous person, rent a mountain bike and you'll see the most beautiful scenery from top of the hill.
5.Then, right to the southern island. Take a ferry called Inter Islander to Picton crossing the Cook Straits and go along fiord's to Picton. Catch a train there. Trans Scenic Train to Christchurch. A typical British town. Calm and pleasant . Not to forget take a tramp ride round the city center plus the putting ride and gondola. It's amazing, everything such a beautiful. Not to forget, the train ride from Picton to Christchurch takes 5 quality hours where you'll experienced to see the Pacific Ocean with seals resting on the beach. As usual just stay in backpackers, convenience and cheap.

6.Head to southern of the island, Queenstown and Dunedin, don't forget Milford Sound. Unlucky .. I couldn't reached there due of time limit. Finally get back to Auckland by flight.

Ah... this was the critical moment here. NZ made are expensive and Made in China stuff it's quite cheap here. In term of souvenirs the paua and wool are from NZ. The best culinary sets are from Briscos but careful of overweight. Other, such as jackets are reasonable and is up to our choice actually. T shirts are made in China but design in New Zealand.

If you stay long just go down to Sunday Farmers market, is not that cheap but better then eating outside . What I've learned, in such a tour, that no need for a nice meals as at home. Eat what ever we can eat as long its halal.

Here.. I,ve tried Morocon food.

People here...

Oh like the people here, nice humble and respect people. Firstly I would thank Nazrina Aziz for helping me during my stay in Stafford House. Not to forget Marrie and Steward with kind hearted and very friendly. To Faiz my beloved cousin who drove me , Nizan and Nina to Lydell experincing the country side and send me off at the airport. To Dan, words never come easy to me, to thanks him for his caring, loving and understanding the multicultures surrounding the participants. To Ptof Gary and wife Lan Anh with their full support of what ever activties being done. To Philips and wife, thanks for a nice lunch in Upper Hut, a delicous Indian cuisine. Not to forget James who always share his experience as librarian and the sharing were very significant with my life as teacher librarian before.

Future plan...

I'll be coming to NZ again to pursue my Doctoral in Information Management. I've got the offer
of Nordin Mohamed Scholarships and will get back home to discuss with my husband. As I'm my way back to home country, that a lot of thins to do. Reporting at the Book Council Of Malaysia, going to Jakarta with fellow office staff and moving to Putra Jaya.

Finally , this is not the end of everything as I leaved NZ, this is the starting point for me to go far beyond, I know I have the ability to do but there a lot of obstacle surrounding me before I could succeed.

Thanks everybody who involved for my dreams to NZ comes through.
Hong Kong International Airport : 16 December 2008 – 3.10 am

ILE @ NZ Participants

About friends.... participants..

waw walaupun ada 9 orang tapi semuanya hebat actually in their country, Most with masters

Representing Sri Lanka : Mano,,, he had a long nama R.M.Y. K entah tak dapat ingat. Good guy from Agricutural Unuversity, humble man.

Another Sri Lankan ; Nemali Surawera , Lecturer from Information and Library Science, nice and yong guy, very active and can cooperate with people. Has lot's of idea and well IT literate.

Representing Nepal : Lal Bahadur Chauhan and some call him Mr Bean, he's such a funny person and nice guy to. Well known fot “pop up menu” and he presented the project in most funniest way. Lan Anh was laughing till tears drop as well . His from Tribuvan university and always introducing himself as ... Lal Chauhan, I came from Tribuvan University, I have 30000 cleection , databases Emarald,, Ebsco Host etc.... etc.. and thus make the other laugh.

Another representor was Neela, a very typical Nepalis as i've seen a Nepalis in Cameron when I was a kid. Very nice lady and her node makes Lan Anh confused wether she agree or not. Like to take pictures and will send to us hundres of pictures.

Representing The Philipines : Kristine Hubella, cute lady from Makati Metro Manila, a teacher librarian in De Bosco Technical School. Prof Gary awarded her for the most American accent English. She has done very well in her presentation.

Representing The Solomon Island : Nicholas c. Rubosa, a generous and nice humble men from an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Wow... he has a beautiful mustage and he will curl it as though the fishing kod. He is the best cook as well and always run away fron the Pakistani guy who always annoy him with cooking.
Representing Pakistan : Chieflibrary of Pakistan Military Library and their family.... Shah Nawaz Mahesar. A very serious looking guy and always siting quitely observing people. Have problem with cooking but finally manage to make chapati during our farewell dinner.

Representing Malaysia : Of course me and Fairunizan Akbar Malik. Very nice lady and a librarian in Disted College Penang. Very helpful and humble and well to do in cooking western food.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Tanggal 19 Disember, lembaran baru bermula, kini bertugas di Majlis Buku Kebangsaan. Organisasi kecil dan pegawai pun kecil bilangannya tapi cabarannya besar mengharungi satu Malaya. Ok ini adalah cabaran. Entri ini cuma memenuhi masa lapang sebab nak masuk entri pasal participant kat ILE NZ ada dalam format lain...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kursus ILE n IT di Victoria University of Wellington NZ

Sepanjang kursus
This is the core bussines di sini...
4 minggu ke kelas kembali seperti student U. Berada di School of Information Management dan aku sangat puas hati, Mendalami bidang Information Literacy tahap advanced dan ilmu itu tiada di sini
lawatan ke library parliament, National Libarary, City Library hingga ke school library membuatkan kursus ini amat bermakna sekali.
Tutor .. ah ini yang istimewa. I like the people here and their very profesional :
* Prof Gary Gorman : a very typical Profesor, with beard and always look smart and well knowledge in his field nama pun Prof. Very friendly and helpful dan his the one yang offer kau buat Phd Nordin Muhammad.

*Dr Daniel Dorner @ Dan, the best tutor . His is a caring and loving guy, very closed to his children and a divorcee. Will be my future supervisor

*James Duncan : singleman at the aged of 44, very closed to me and well known as
Information Literacy anchor of VUW. Kongsi banyak experience with us as
Librarian. Banyak belajar dari dia and will conduct ILE nanti. James ni agak
lembut dan sentiasa hormat kat orang.

*Philips Calvert : very typical English man and looks serious, tak banyak cakap tapi
bila mengajar penuh dengan fakta. He brought us to Gully Tunnel and we all had a
good time there. Lunch kat rumah dia pun enak. Wifenya orang Fiji.

*Lanh Anh Tran : Prof gary's wife. Baik dan suka tolong orang, very expert dalam
IT dan hanya guna kertas tutorial mengajar Macromedia. Orangnya kecil je tapi
petah becakap dengan acsent Vietnam yang pekat.

* Brenda Chowner : jumpa dalam kelas sekali je, banyak bagi input pasal IT and
Information.. Came from Canada.

Setiap hari Isnin ada morning tea organised by SIM, biasanya kami akan dihidangkan dengan kek dan biskut je. Satu habit yang biasa Kiwis ni suka minum kopi. Baru sekejap minum, sat lagi minum lagi. Every morning bau kopi kuat kat tepi jalan. For them lunch simple je... sandwich je. Nizan and me had eaten only sandwich for 3 weeks dan naik muak juga dibuatnya. So the last week we find somethig different.

minggu akhir paling parah, nak siap projek, simple je projeknya, buat satu latihan ILE dan gunakan teknolgi yang di pelajari untuk promote projek tersrbut. Aku hasilkan satu peojek yang simple tapi look very profesional “ Citing websites using APA Manuals. Inilah problem aku masa nak habiskan tesis. Tak siapa pernah ajar cara nak buat citatioan dengan betul dann tepat. I learned it form James, Thanks James. Ini satu cabaran.

When Dan was discussing about the best manuals to used when citing information so on
so for, I got mess up... oh h m I in the write way?: taoi aku ni radah je, apa nak jadi-jadilah
as long projek siap. Whi can wonder I 4 days everything happened to be nice and well
done. Tak apalah masa nak present punyalah gabra sama macam nak present viva
tempoh hari. Tapi I managed to gone through it. Congtares to my self and nice pet to my

All about NZ in my view

Perjalanan paling bermakna dalam hidup ini...

Kedatangan ke New Zealand
aku ambil tiket paling murah : Cathay pacific , jauh dan lambat sebenarnya
altenatif : Ambil Air Asia dari KL ke Brisbane then terus ke Wellington / Auckland

Tinggal di Wellington, -Stafford House, The Terrace
paling selesa dengan semua kemudahan ada : bilik lengkap, mesin basuh, microwave dan seterika.
Makan minum teratur, setiap minggu ada Sunday market, tapi agak mahal, bolehlah kalau nak hidup, ada halal butcher untuk daging halal dan New World untuk barang runcit. Park N save juga murah.
Apa yang best tentang makan di sini , semuanya berkualiti dan segar. Aku sihat di sini, alhmaduliah tanpa sakit demam.
Pengangkutan juga mudah, malas jalan kaki boleh naik bas, minggu pertama ke kelas agak semput juga naik bukit, so ambil keputusan naik bas pergi dan balik jalan. Tambang tak mahal 1.50 NZD.
Jalan-jalan di Wellington tak banyak dan paling aku suka ke Botanical Garden, ada sesuatu yang begitu membahagiakan di sana.